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I’ve added Vintage Supplies to my shop on ETSY and Loki update!

Well, first off Loki. She has made a miraculous recovery and is now living in the sunroom of my bedroom. For those who don’t know, She is my bird who got taken in my dog’s mouth and was in bad sorts tempting death for a bit. Here she is bathing in the sun.

Loki Bird

Loki Bird

And now for the new items! Exciting and a number have all ready sold.

I’ve added Vintage supplies to the items I’m selling and here are a sampling for you.

Golf Brass buttons


Bakelite Buttons


Skeleton Keys


Flat Skeleton Keys


Pocket Watch Movement Plate


Pocket Watch Parts


Enamel Pocket Watch FacePlates

So There are some examples of my new items! Check it out in my Etsy Shop and happy crafting!

Grace Alley Treasures