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Remember These? Retro Bakelite Bottle And Can Openers

So I have been busy these last few months selling vintage and collectibles on eBay and have totally neglected my blog! I know, it’s a problem I can’t seem to outgrow. One of my favorite things to collect and sell is vintage kitchenware. I recently bought a slew of bakelite kitchen and dinning ware and have been listing and selling them in my eBay store Check it out! But today, in my blog post, I am featuring a pair of Bakelite handled bottle and can openers. Remember these? We had a few kicking around our kitchen growing up. I love bakelite! One has a swirled handle and the other is faux horn. I know you want to step back in time and retro up your kitchen or bar! Here is a link to the past

I’m hoping to be better about my posts and post a featured item once a week. I am not a good juggler but I vow to improve!