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Grace Alley Treasures for vintage and handmade gifts

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Grace Alley Treasures update

So I can’t keep up with this it seems! I have been busy building my Etsy following and trying to get some sales. I’ve had a few but not as I was hoping. I’m getting lots of views and favorites and have a number of followers but can’t seem to turn that into sales! Anyone have any pointers? I was put in two treasuries today which I would like to share but can’t figure out how to insert a link in here since the link button isn’t lit up. I didn’t realize this was going to be so difficult! Or I am not computer savvy at all. Not sure which . Hre is a link, I hope. Etsy Treasury And Another, hopefully. Etsy Treasury #2 Well, that’s it for now. See you!

Here’s just a few items I have for sale:

Jeannette glassware

Halloween Raven pendant