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New listings, Almond wine and a pet accident!

So, Since the last time I posted, many things have happened. I added some new listings on my Etsy shop, including a heart pendant for Valentines Day.

Plus if you like Butterflies

I’ve also added supplies like mosaic tiles:


As to my wine endeavors, I’ll be racking my Almond wine tonight for it’s fermentation process. This one sounds extra interesting. It’s supposed to be like Frangelico. Time will tell!

My wine corner

My wine corner

And as for the accident!
I have a zoo of pets. A cat(Scooby), dog(Quasi), bunny(Little One) and bird(Loki). Well on Friday little Loki bird had just taken a bath and was all happy and excited about being clean. I had gone into the kitchen and was standing in the doorway when she decided to try and fly to me. Well, half way through she decides she couldn’t make it and tried to land on the couch. Unfortunately Quasi was standing there and he caught her in hie mouth! I saw the whole thing happening and was screaming “NO! NO! Quasi! Shit!” I grabbed him and opened his mouth up to get her out and the way she was lying there I thought “oh shit, she’s killed.” But she wasn’t. She went into shock and I wrapped her in a towel and held her. The worst was it was freezing out and snowing and no Avian vets available AND she was soaking wet!! I was sick over it. Well, we decided to see if she could make it through the night, She did, then through the weekend. Took her to the vet on Monday. The vet said she wasn’t in great condition. Maybe internal damage, broken wing and she had a respiratory issue most likely from the injuries. Poor baby! She didn’t want to do anything further until Loki was more stable. Loki is still not near herself and has been regulated to a cat carrier to restrict her movements and has to take two meds, which she doesn’t like, twice a day. I’m hoping she recovers. I’m just sick about it. It’s hard to concentrate on what I should be doing. Anywho, she goes back friday for a recheck. Wish her a speedy recovery!

Loki snuggling to recover.

Loki snuggling to recover.