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Painting the Roses!



This year my Roses exploded!! This picture doesn’t even begin to show the spectacular blooming this plant gave out. Now it’s like walking thru a parade with the petals falling lightly in the breeze and covering everything with a blanket of pink. 🙂 Smile!

Tea time

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Here is Camomile getting ready to be dried for tea. Did you know you can use the flowers fresh as well? I love my garden!

The Garden Mosaic Table



I have had this table base, which I got at the dump, for about 15 years! Lol I finally painted it , cut a top for it and finished the top with mosaic. Finally I have a table in the back yard!! 🙂

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Just loafing around!

I’ve been on a bread roll, lol so to speak, for a while now. I’ve discovered a great recipe from The Joy of Cooking for Steel Cut Oatmeal bread. It’s way yummy. For some reason I don’t have the patience to make the oatmeal but I have the patience to make the bread. Could be cause I just love bread and not some much oatmeal. Anywho, Here’s the recipe for those interested.


I made this recipe again but this time I added sunflower seeds. Oh man! So good!! I also whipped up a loaf of banana bread with bananas from the freezer. Good tip if you have too many bananas. Peel and freeze them for future baking extravaganzas.


While those were baking i raked the backyard to prepare for planting some peas and beets. Course we are supposed to get snow tonight so… we shall see.

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What’s happening in the garden?

Well, I have many little seedlings in my little greenhouse in the sun room. Most have sprouted but not all yet. Hopefully in the next few days! I can’t wait to be out in the backyard when it has become a jungle. I will post pics soon!

Well, this isn’t really from my little green house but it is my yard. Spring is here!