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Epic Sky

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The sky after coming out of the restaurant celebrating Olivia’s Birthday!



Cooking from the compost #3 Jalapeno Jelly

So, I had about a pound of Jalapenos brought home from work cause they weren’t top notch and I decided to make jalapeno jelly with some of them. It kills me that so much food gets thrown away. Cut the bad piece off and eat it, cook it, preserve it but don’t throw it away!

Yes they could look better. I trimmed them up and pureed them with apple cider vinegar, then put the mixture on the stove adding sugar and cooked it for 10 minutes at a boil.

IMG_0295 Added pectin and canned it.


Voila! Jalapeno Jelly! Cost? Just the pectin. It’s ok if your food doesn’t look perfect! Really, it is.

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Cooking from the Compost #2

So I’ve started a series, “Cooking from the Compost” and this is the second post. I have been for years cooking with throw aways. A bad spot or not so pretty discarded produce is just as tasty and good. Just takes a bit more cutting.


throw aways


After the cutting


Delicious stir fry!

So don’t be so hasty to throw that away! Are you sure you can’t make dinner with it?

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Buns in the oven

So I was bust today in the kitchen. Just took out a batch of Squash rolls which are amazing! Man do I live these. So

While those were baking, I started another batch of hard cider. Also delicious! My brew corner is getting cramped! I hope all these wines I’ve got going turn out! The waiting is torture.

Well I got to go back down to the kitchen a make dinner! Sautéed chard, lacinato and mushrooms over rice. Chow!