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The Garden Mosaic Table



I have had this table base, which I got at the dump, for about 15 years! Lol I finally painted it , cut a top for it and finished the top with mosaic. Finally I have a table in the back yard!! 🙂


Dream to reality: My new studio dubbed my creative haven

So one of the reasons I bought the house I’m in was the garage! Crazy, you say?!? Maybe. But the space in there is great and all I could think about was being in there. I even thought about living in it and renting the house. Now that I did decide was crazy. lol, buy I didn’t give up on making the garage into an awesome studio and last year I finally was able to make some improvements and now am in the process of setting up shop so to speak. Take a look. What do you think?


I’m supper excited! The other exciting thing about this studio finally being ready to use is My business Grace Alley Treasures got it’s name from this studio’s location on Grace Alley! So, now you know the story behind my business name and the reason I bought my house. Was I crazy? You tell me! I love to hear your thoughts or your own stories behind your business or the reason you bought your house. Happy reminiscing all!!