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Death is not peaceful

I have neglected my blog. Sadness has kept me from here. He is gone. Mama’s boy is gone add I feel lonely, empty. Scooby is his name, my beloved cat. He has been by my side, literally, for the last 19 years. Everywhere i went, he followed, talking to me, watching me, loving me. Now he’s not there…Last night I thought I felt him walking up the bed to my face, like he had done so many times, to sleep beside me. He wasn’t there. I felt so sad, crying in the night darkness, feeling alone at that moment. He hadn’t wanted to leave, even though his organs had failed him and he no longer was eating. He fought, clung on, following me. So heartbreaking and hard to witness. It made me hurt inside. I didn’t want him to go either, but I didn’t want to see him like that. Death is NOT peaceful. There is no dignity there either. His will and Go with the Flow attitude, which is what made me and all who knew him love him as the awesome cat that he was, made his death long and horrible. I’m sooo sorry Scooby. You didn’t deserve that. I hope you are without pain now. Sleeping next to me at night and in the sun spot by day. I miss you Mama’s boy, Mr. Scobs.

me and Mr. Scobs

me and Mr. Scobs

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So I just posted a few of my photo pendants in my Etsy store!

ImageSo this is Scooby my cat. He has the best face! Why wouldn’t you want to have his face with you? I thought cat people would like this so he was the first to go up. I like making these pendants because I get to look at my photographs in a different way plus they’re just cool i think. Anybody have any opinions? I like to get some feed back. 


This is another one. It’s a  detail from a photograph I took of street art down in Richmand,VA. Who wouldn’t want some unique bling, right? I mean really, I wanna know. I think they’re cool but that’s a bit biassed. As for the garden that will the next post cause now I gotta eat!