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Animal up date and a few new listings.

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Well if you are following you know that last week my dog decided to catch my bird in his mouth! She needless to say was not in a good way. Well, she got a vet visit this week and got the thumbs up from the vet. She is doing great and will most likely have a full recovery!! Yippie! She has been confined to a cat carrier and is not liking that too much but is being a real trooper about.

As for the listings I have some great things on my eBay page!

And a few from my Etsy shop:

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I'm the owner and crafter behind Grace Alley Treasures. I have an art background but have been following a culinary career until now. I love collecting and creating things so I wanted to combine my to loves into one. I also enjoy photography, the outdoors, gardening and traveling.

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