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New listings!

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Hello, as i stated before, I am trying to stay up on posting more often here. So, I am showing off some of my new listings. Take a gander maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for!


And then if you like crafting and are looking for embellishments and ephemera, you may like these!

Add if you like eBay then maybe you’d like some of these items as well.

Add if you craft maybe you need some tiles!


Ok enough promotion but do check out my shop on Etsy and my listings on eBay for vintage pieces, ephemera and supplies!

Add here’s a picture from my recent trip to Williamsburg just for kicks!


Author: Grace Alley Treasures

I'm the owner and crafter behind Grace Alley Treasures. I have an art background but have been following a culinary career until now. I love collecting and creating things so I wanted to combine my to loves into one. I also enjoy photography, the outdoors, gardening and traveling.

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